Admission Requirements at Olivia's House

  • Women must meet the DSM-V criteria for chemical dependency.
  • Pregnant IV drug using women are given preference to treatment.
  • The priorities of admission are (1) Pregnant IV drug users (2) Pregnant substance abuse users and (3) IV users.
  • Women must have or seeking to regain custody of at least one child between the ages of 0-12.
  • We also accept clients from prison or who have legal issues.
  • Women seeking admission must have had a recent state psycho-social assessment or be assessed at  Olivia’s House.
  • Upon completion of assessment requirements, potential clients are contacted by the admission coordinator and informed as to the date of space availability.
  • Along with extensive case management services clients participate in group and individual therapy addressing issues of substance abuse, domestic violence, relationship, and parenting. On site child care transportation and employment assistance is provided.

Length of Stay

The length of the residential phase of treatment at Olivia’s House is individualized.  The actual length of a woman’s stay will be dependent upon the severity of her illness, her response to treatment, and the availability of independent living resources.

Clients are expected to continue the recovery process, on an outpatient basis through Olivia’s House, Pearson Hall, or other approved substance abuse treatment provider upon discharge from residential treatment until they address all of the tasks of late recovery. They will address maintenance issues in outpatient continuing care/after care.