Services of Pearson Hall

    • Client Assessments
    • Medically supervised detoxification
    • Group counseling
    • Individual counseling
    • Family counseling
    • Educational lectures
    • Nutritional counseling
    • Individualized treatment planning
    • Self help group meetings
    • Psychiatric services
    • After care Services

Clients entering our inpatient program at Pearson Hall are met with a warm, loving hug. Treatment services are then planned by the medical and counseling staff to meet each client’s individual needs.

Days at Pearson Hall are filled with informational films and lectures, individual and group therapy, nutrition and fitness programs, and constant medical evaluation. Clients are also introduced to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and/orNarcotics Anonymous (NA).

ladyDetoxificationClients at our treatment center learn new skills on how to cope and communicate. They begin to understand this really is a disease—that they have been sick, not
“morally bad.” Professional expertise, backed by unconditional love, begins to work wonders. Anger turns into laughter. Frustrations turn into hope. Fear and distrust give way to love.

Detoxification is provided, as needed, at Olivia’s House in conjunction with the detoxification unit at Pearson Hall. Detoxification functions to eliminate a toxic substance from the body through a medically supervised systematic reduction of the substance. During the detoxification process, clients are administered medications which provide for safe withdrawal from chemicals of abuse, stabilization of bodily functions, and replacement of nutritional deficiencies.

Detoxification will be provided at Pearson Hall. Arrangements for assistance with child care will be made during periods of detoxification.

After Care

manfoldarmWhen clients leave Pearson Hall, they’ll continue a program of recovery through after care. This series of weekly meetings offers continuing support and help, as the recovering person learns to handle life without chemicals. Attendance at AA and/or NA meetings will also continue as a part of the after care recovery plan.

Family Care

In our Family Care program, family members gather at Pearson Hall to learn about alcoholism and drug addiction, and about each other. In addition to individual counseling, family care provides information lectures, films, and group meetings. During these sessions, feelings and emotions are explored and talked about, as family members work together to find new ways of solving problems. Guided by our counseling staff, families soon begin to realize there is hope for recovery and for learning to love and trust each other again.

Families are also introduced to Alanon and Alateen, self help groups which provide a recovery program for them just as AA and NA are used by recovering alcoholics and addicts.