Services Provided By Olivia's House


Olivia’s House – 8017 2nd Avenue South – Birmingham, Alabama 35206
Telephone – (205) 833-5708 – Fax – (205) 838-8452


Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Centers, Inc. Alcoholism Recovery Services, Inc will provide substance abuse treatment services at Olivia’s House. Olivia’s House provides holistic care for chemically dependent women and their children. Children, up to age 10, live with their mothers at Olivia’s House during the course of residential treatment, a period of up to twelve months.

Children will be seen for routine sick and well child care at the Birmingham Health Care for the Homeless Pediatric Clinic (BHHPC), the Maternal Infant Network at University Hospital (MIN) Clinic, Children’s Hospital, or the Jefferson County Public Health Clinic. At all of these resources they will also receive vision, hearing, and dental care.

Children needing specialized care will be referred to the appropriate community resource. Coordination of children’s services will be a function of case management, the child development staff, and the nursing staff. Separate records documenting service delivery will be kept on all children. These services, including medical care, will be available for all of the women’s children who are in residence with her. In addition, referrals will be made as needed for non residential children of clients up to are seventeen (17).

The following services are provided for women:

  • Assessment services
  • Residential and outpatient substance abuse group therapy
  • Medical screens
  • Medication monitoring
  • Individual counseling and specialized groups addressing mental health issues
  • Domestic violence, sexual abuse, spirituality, relationships, health care, and nicotine addiction
  • Parenting training
  • Twelve-step support groups
  • Living skills training
  • Family counseling and education

The following services will be provided for children:



  • On site developmental child care center
  • Developmental assessment
  • Physical assessment
  • Speech, language, vision, hearing assessment
  • Dental assessment
  • Nutritional assessment
  • Educational assessment
  • Sick and well child care
  • Tutoring
  • Psychiatric care
  • Children’s case management

Extensive case management and transportation services link the needs of both women and children with a number of community resources for further services, including , adult education, job readiness training, income assistance, housing assistance, parent aides, preventive and acute health care, head start, etc. After- care and follow-up services are also provided.