Get Help for Someone You Care About

What do you do when someone you care about has a problem with drugs or alcohol, but won’t do anything about it? For years, it was believed that a person would have to “hit bottom” before admitting that he or she had a problem that needed professional help. However, a process called intervention provides hope for alcoholics and chemically dependent people.


One of the symptoms of alcoholism and chemical dependency hands_2is “denial.” Due to progressive psychological changes, the alcoholic or drug dependency person in denial is truly unable to see the reality of the problem. In addition, they sometimes “blackout,” as a result of their drinking or using, and actually can not remember actions or behavior which occurred during drinking or drugging episodes.

Through a series of training sessions, our intervention specialists at Pearson Hall can teach you to present the reality of the drinking or drug problem to the addicted person. You’ll learn how to help your loved one understand that it is a disease—not a lack of willpower. With this new understanding, the alcohol or drug addicted person is more likely to accept treatment for the disease.

Together, we’ll plan the intervention, taking care of work, school, insurance, and other details so that the alcoholic or chemically dependent person can go right into treatment. With proper training and counseling, Intervention is successful almost every time in getting those who need help into treatment.

If you want to help someone, all you need is the willingness to ask us for help–either through the form below, or another method on our contact page.

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